Hello and welcome to Albert Rodriguez Balcells's Homepage. I've maintained this page since 1999, mainly for my family and friends. I try to update it with pictures and, of course, my personal blog.

Hola y bienvenido a la pagina web de Albert Rodriguez Balcells. Vengo manteniendo esta pagina desde 1999, principalmente para mi familia y amigos. Aqui encontraras fotos e informacion sobre mis actividades y viajes, y tambien mi blog personal.

I am an engineer & a techie, love everything technology & the internet. I live in Manhattan, originally hail from Barcelona, & I am married to Nicole.

You are welcome to take a look at my entertaining blog ;)

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area 1
Neil Diamond
Concert w/ Sarah & Doug

Neil Diamond Concert

Brooklyn, NY
USA, Mar 2015
area 2
Jerry Seinfeld Performance
Trip to AC

Trip to AC to see Jerry Seinfeld

Atlantic City, NJ
USA, Apr 2015
area 3
Ringling Bros.
A Day At The Circus

A Day At The Circus

Izod Center, NJ
USA, Mar 2015