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I am always playing with technology and trying new things. The products on this page are all things that I personally own, love, and don't hesitate to recommed to my family and friends. They are not just geeky-gear, I am very pragmatic, so I am always looking to strike a balance. These products are well-designed, practical, and have a reasonable price point for the features they offer. I consider them "best-in-class" at their corresponding price points. They have the "Balcells Seal of Approval" :)

Speedo Vanquisher Swim Goggles
$12 at Amazon (Oct 2010)

X-Mini II Capsule Speaker
$29.98 at Amazon (Nov 2010)

Western Digital TV Live Player
$106.99 at Amazon (Dec 2010)

Optoma HD20 Projector
$900 at Amazon (Aug 2010)

Canon PowerShot S95 Digital Camera
$350 at Amazon (July 2010)

Custom Airplay Speaker System
$100 (July 2011)

Audioengine D1 DAC
$169 at Amazon (Feb 2012)

Foscam FI8910W Wireless Network Camera
$90 at Amazon (July 2012)

PadTab iPad Wall Mount System
$25 at Amazon (Sept 2012)

Best Speakers Under $100
$80-$100 at Amazon (July 2014)

Cheap Baby Monitor Under $100
~$70 at Amazon (Oct 2014)