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Monday, 27 Jul 2015

Laia featured on my company emails and website

The CRM and website teams at work used Laia as a model for some emails and the back to school fair we are running, fun

Sunday, 26 Jul 2015

2 new picture albums added

Two albums:

Coleman Country Day Camp Parents Day

Camp Kiwi Yearly Company Outing

PS: as usual if Dropbox doesn't render the thumbnails on the first try, refresh the page and it usually they render on the second try. I think it's a bug on their end.

Saturday, 25 Jul 2015

Friday Jul 25

We are at the end of a pretty long week. Major push at work to advance our rebranded product, which meant a few long nights this week.

Just recovering now. I didn't realize the new season of Under the Dome had started

Sunday, 19 Jul 2015

Yearly company outing family picture

We spent the day at Camp Kiwi upstate yesterday at the annual summer family picnic my company organizes, here is our picture!

Wednesday, 15 Jul 2015

New photo albums for July 2015

A couple albums I was behind in posting:

Weekend Trip to Jones Beach with a side visit to Longhorn

Ethan's 3rd birthday party at Wollman Rink in the Victoria Gardens (Central Park)

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