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Tuesday, 19 Jul 2016

Laia this morning in piggie tails

Before heading off to camp

Monday, 18 Jul 2016

A day at the beach: Point Pleasant

One of the beaches we explored this summer: Point Pleasant. About a 2 hour drive from NYC. Best feature: a great boardwalk with lots of rides for the kids, fun. Worst features: very hard to find a parking spot unless you get there very early, and access to the beach costs $15 per person.

Photo Album:
Spending the Day at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Saturday, 16 Jul 2016

Saturday at Liberty Science Center

Today we spent the day at the Liberty Science Center with the girls, they had a lot of fun, cool place, we will be back.

Nicole and I went out tonight as well and saw the new Independence Day movie, it wasn't very good I thought. I remember the original fondly as it was the first movie I watched in the US, but the new one did not do it justice.

Friday, 15 Jul 2016

Last day of preschool for Laia

Here some pictures from Laia's last day at The Flatiron Montessori from a few weeks back. She graduated from preschool and will be attending pre-k next year.

Laia's last day in preschool

Wednesday, 13 Jul 2016

Juan Tamariz

Saw a guy doing upclose magic in America Got Talent and reminded me of Juan Tamariz, a crazy quirky Spanish Magician from when I was a kid. He is still alive.

"Juan Tamariz is regarded as the greatest living close-up magician. Itís not hard to see why. He has created some of the most influential material in the last several decades, and his performance style is unequaled. Combine Juanís zany humor with his strong magic, and the result is nothing short of brilliant. "

"He is an experienced cardician, a magician specializing in magic with playing cards, and well respected by his peers as an authority in the field of misdirection."

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