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Friday, 23 Jan 2015

Sofia today

Thursday, 22 Jan 2015

Mini album: NASCAR trip

A few pics from the trip to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway NASCAR race a few months back with my dad

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015

Tortas de Aceite

The original Tortas de Aceite, imported from Seville, handmade since 1910. Amazing, the type of stuff you can find only in NYC.

Sunday, 18 Jan 2015

Cold weather

Another cold day in NYC, we keep bouncing between "almost ok, I could live with this" and "OMG, it is really cold, I can't feel my nose and ears". Hope the temperatures go back to seasonal averages which after experiencing single digit days and negative windchills, dont' seem bad at all.

PS: I watched The Judge this week, was alright, nothing amazing but decently entertaining. It features Robert Duvall, who is in his 80s and still totally bad-ass.

Friday, 16 Jan 2015

Sofia at her 5 month checkup this week

All good, she was such a good baby

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