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Saturday, 23 Jan 2021

The blog is back

I finally had an hour to review the blog's ancient codebase and make adjustments to bring it back to life!!

Friday, 22 May 2020

Career Retrospective

I did an exercise of looking back through my career in tech and pulling out things that I feel stood out... It was an interesting exercise as it boils down to very few things that really made a difference and mattered.

Albert Balcells Product Portfolio

Monday, 18 May 2020

Test Enty

After Verio (hosting company) messed up the site configuration for the n-th time... I lost track, they are really really bad at this

Hopefully it's back up

Thursday, 7 Nov 2019

Laia learns geometry

Amazing, our second grader is learning about 3D shapes:

Laia Learns Geometry

Monday, 21 Jan 2019

React Native Tutorial

It's been a while, I know. Two kids and a new job, not a lot of time to goof around, haha!

I finally got around to updating the server and installing the secure cert on it. With that, I wanted to post the React Native Tutorial I wrote a little over a year ago...

It's simple, and React is a moving target with lots of versioning, but it should still provide a good foundation to get started:

Albert Balcells React Native Tutorial: How to build a simple app that navigates across screens and consumes web APIs

PS: I may have posted a version of this prior. If so, this one has a few tweaks and updates.

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