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W elcolme to Albert Balcells brief FDTD page.

I attended Graduate School at the University of Utah from September 94 to June 96. I graduated with an MS in Electrical Engineering in July 96.

My advisor was Dr. Magdy F. Iskander

The main topic of my Thesis was MULTIMEDIA EDUCATION IN ELECTROMAGNETICS. For a list of articles published, click here.

Most of the classes I took were in advanced electromagnetic fields. Part of my research involved developing FDTD software simulation packages for the PC Windows platform.

The challenge was to develop REAL TIME simulation packages versus pre-recorded movies which had been the trend so far.

The results were 2 software tools: a 1-D and a 2-D FDTD fully interactive simulation packages. Both software pieces provide animated results in real time on any 486-66 or Pentium class CPU.

Take a look at the pictures below to get a feel for how they work and what kind of real time movies you may expect from them:

1-D Simulator with 3 dielectric windows

2-D Simulator in action

2-D Simulator parameters

2-D Simulator permittivity map editor

If you are researching in the field and would be interested in using the programs, drop a line here:

Email Albert

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