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Monday, 21 Jan 2019

React Native Tutorial

It's been a while, I know. Two kids and a new job, not a lot of time to goof around, haha!

I finally got around to updating the server and installing the secure cert on it. With that, I wanted to post the React Native Tutorial I wrote a little over a year ago...

It's simple, and React is a moving target with lots of versioning, but it should still provide a good foundation to get started:

Albert Balcells React Native Tutorial: How to build a simple app that navigates across screens and consumes web APIs

PS: I may have posted a version of this prior. If so, this one has a few tweaks and updates.

Friday, 26 Oct 2018

Fall Fest Celebration at Sofia and Laia's school

Today we went to Fall Fest Halloween at Laia and Sofia's school, the girls had a lot of fun. Laia's costume and makeup were bad ass

Fall Fest Pictures of Laia and Sofia

Saturday, 6 Oct 2018

Taking the girls to swim class

Our weekly trip to Imagine Swimming downtown with Laia and Sofia

Monday, 1 Oct 2018

Family Friday and weekend photos

A few pics from this past week's first Family Friday at PS340, I attended Laia's class and Nicole attended Sofia's. Also, a couple pics from the weekend activities.

Family Friday at PS340 - Oct 2018

Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018

Recent Movies

Watch 2 movies recently, one turned out to be pretty bad: The Meg, but the other one was surprisingly good Mission Impossible: Fallout

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