Trip to Paris - The Louvre - Volume 3      [Back to Albums]

Outside the musée du Louvre


Bridge across the Seine


The river


Glass pyramid, entry to the Louvre


Outside the big Louvre square


Louvre buildings


In front of the pyramid


The entry pyramid


The Louvre buildings


Nicole walking around


The big pyramid


The entry


Overcast skies


Gardens outside (Tulleries)


Waiting in line


Albert waits too


Inside, Egyptian Antiquities


Winged Victory of Samothrace


Headed into Italian Paintings


Italian gallery


Taking the tour


The Mona Lisa


AKA La Gioconda


The Wedding Feast at Cana


More paintings


Second floor


Outside the windows


The big Louvre square


Spanish paintings: Murillo




El Greco


Cupid and Psyche


The Four Captives


Entry into the Greek & Roman sculptures


The King's residence


King Charles I by Van Dick


The Rubens Room


The Medici Collection by Rubens


The Louvre square at dusk


Gabrielle d’Éstrées and her Sister in a Bath




At night


At dinner!


Le Relais de L'entrecote


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