Trip to Paris - Notre Dame - Volume 2      [Back to Albums]

At the Chateaubriand


Long line to get into the restaurant


We got a table!


Morning, headed to the Seine


Eiffel Tower behind


The tower under the clouds


Notre Dame Cathedral


Us in a boat across the cathedral


Cool trainer jacket :)


Spectacular, the cathedral


The Seine


Bridge over the Seine


Lunch at a restaurant


Albert at lunch


Crossing another bridge


Need a scarf, it's cool out


Us, say cheese


Somebody took this pic, over the Seine


In front of the cathedral


The facade


Details of the entry door


Details of the front side


Small chapel inside




Inside Notre Dame


Spectacular glass windows


Stained glass




More stained glass


The lamps




The main nave




Headed to Sainte Chapelle


Outside the sainte Chapelle




Incredible stained glass windows


On the second floor


This church is near Notre Dame




Huge gian glass windows


Colors & light


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