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    Viatge a Mexico
Mexico Distrito Federal, Acapulco, MEXICO, Desembre 2001
Britney Spears Concert-Dream Within a Dream Tour
FirstStar Center, OH, USA, November 10, 2001
A day at the Bengals
Cincinnati, OH, USA, November 2001
Trip to Spain
Sevilla, SPAIN September/October 2001
MTV's TRL Concert, feat. Eve, Nelly & Destiny's Child
Riverbend Music Center, KY, USA August 2001
Summer in Clifton
Cincinnati OH, Summer 2001
Fotos del BMW!
Cincinnati, OHIO, USA, Juliol 2001
Mes fotos de la casa
Cincinnati, OH, USA, Juny 2001
Fotos de la casa!
Cincinnati, OH, USA, Agost 2000
Seattle Trip Pics
Tacoma, Washington, USA, July 2000
Eusebi's Wedding Pics
Madrid, SPAIN, April 2000
Jesusin's Wedding Pics
Hospitalet de l'Infant, Catalunya, SPAIN, Octubre 1999
Rodri's Wedding Pics
Mundaka, Pais Vasco, SPAIN, Septiembre 1999
Jeff and Robin's Wedding Pics
Hilton Head, South Carolina, US, September 1999
Robin's wedding shower pictures
Cincinnati, OH, USA, August 1999
Valley Vista tenants
Cincinnati, OH, USA, July 1999

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