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Monday, 7 Feb 2005

Monday evening

Monday is over! Getting close to delivery date for the NASCAR program. I fly down to Daytona next week, should be pretty cool. Can't wait to see how the Tablet PCs perform. I get a demo unit tomorrow.

The weather has been incredibly nice lately, it's been in the mid 40's and even 50 since Friday. Very nice. It's 74 degrees in my apartment right now, and I have the windows open

Got a txt message from my friend Jen this morning, she is in New Orleans with some friends partying. Good for them.

Not much else new today.

Sunday, 6 Feb 2005

Tax Weekend

This weekend I've been doing my taxes. Since I moved from OH to NY, it's kind of involved. I have to file federal, NY state, NYC, OH and Cincinnati taxes. That's a lot of forms. In addition, the state on NY requires you file all kinds of extra forms to change your residency status. It's kept me pretty busy yesterday and today. Only have the OH and Cinci docs left right now.

Sunday Night

OK, I am more or less done playing with the template to get the right colors. I wanted the blog to match the website's look and feel.

My first entry!

Hi, welcome to my blog! I will try to keep a running log of noteworthy events in my life, and also maybe not so noteworthy, just stuff

Feel free to browse through the entries, and posts comments or questions whenever you like.


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